Saturday, September 18, 2010

Contention 5

People who have Pica are accepted in society. They can work, claim benefits, receive medical treatment and are not excluded from society. The reason is that it is a disorder and you would not exclude someone from society who has a medical problem. You nor anyone else has proved that Homosexuality is a disorder therefore it does not apply. Also I am sure many homosexuals will appreciate you comparing their sexuality to a particularly harmful eating disorder.

-Working, claiming benefits, and receiving medical treatment and being excluded from society? Homosexuals are not under the maltreatment of any of these assertions. And we do not accept people in society that have medical disorders, we are merely indifferent to them. There is no such thing as the media advocating that living with a disorder is a normal and healthy alternative, thus it is not accepted. You see that the point I am arguing is that once we go under the impression that counterintuitive things are acceptable, we start loosing ground as a society, then as a species. You shouldn't say so conclusively that I haven't proven that homosexuality isn't an alternative to heterosexuality(because in my prior contentions, I have substantiated with a mass amount of undeniable evidence, and attempting to go against that evidence is a sheerly brazen act of stupidity). Albeit I do not feel it is a disorder but rather an askew development (disorder implies the negation of order, but homosexuality does not negate order as the act per se does not go against evolution so explicitly in the way that, say, pedophilia does, but it does not propose any veritable benefit so it is not with or inside of order. It is the non existence of order(completely different from disorder)).

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